Delicate, sophisticated, and established. Neue Obec is a display transitional serif inspired by a handpainted sign in Slovakia 
from the 1970s.

Neue Obec was derived from a hand-painted sign in Liptovská Porúbka, Slovakia. The sign was likely made by a local signmaker in the 1970s but was discovered while scrolling through Type Atlas, an online vernacular type archive created by Ondrej Jób. The original specimen featured only 9 letterforms, “obecná knižnica” (“public library”). Each letterform is characterized by its heavy weight, bold contrast, ball terminals, and pointed edges. These letterforms created an opportunity to highlight the hand-lettered qualities while applying a consistent rhythm necessary for contemporary application.  

Consistency and consideration were needed in crafting the relationship between the negative and positive space of the elegant, heavy-weighted typeface. The two available weights with alternate characters: Regular, Thin, and Outlined are best utilized in larger sizes such as headlines, posters, videos, and print.


Typeface Design

Neue Obec was featured in the Transcend: Across, Beyond, and Through Exhibition as well on ARO, an online fragrance atelier. 

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