Transcend: Across, Beyond, and Through, a typography exhibition exploring letterforms through the ages and their resurrections as fully-rendered digital type specimens.

Concept and Strategy, Brand Identity, Poster Design, Promotional Items, Exhibition Design


AU Type Foundry

Promotional items  

This exhibition would not have been possible without Professor Tim Speaker love for typography and desire to connect to the unknown and nameless sign-painters, letterers, typographers and designers lost to history
Read more about Speaker and the Digital Ressurrection class.

As well as the incredible designers I had the pleasure to work along side: Abby McDonald, Colson Teague, Courtney Barrett, Lindsay Duncan, Ellie Gramm, Emily Miller, Grace Cooper, Hannah Derrick, Iley Gramm, Isabelle Rigsbee, Knoxie Le Roux, Lily Gregory, Lindsey Blumenfeld, and Skylar Ford