Good Company

Good Company, a pay-what-you-want eatery, is dedicated to crafting fresh, locally sourced meals. Beyond offering delicious food, Good Co. aspires to cultivate a space for the people of Detroit, where they can feel supported, share a meal, and connect.

Brand Story and Strategy, Visual Identity System, Environmental Design, Interior Design Elements, Web Design, Menu Design, Copywriting.

Brand Identity, Environmental Design

Interior Elements by Janae Ikeler


The Lafer Legacy

The Good Company is located within the historic Lafer Brothers Grocery Wholesale Building, constructed in May 1915 and designed by architect Joseph E. Mills. The construction of the building marked a significant milestone, elevating Lafer’s to not only Detroit’s largest grocer but also the largest in the entire state of Michigan.

The Lafer Bros. establishment catered to the needs of both residents and those from distant areas around Downtown Detroit. Echoing the legacy of the Lafer Bros, The Good Company aspires to provide nourishing meals, service, and generosity.

The Good Future

In the heart of Downtown Detroit lives Good Company, whose vision is far more than food. Good Co. creates a space where individuals can come together to share a table, a meal, and stories. Good Company is a pay-what-you-want restaurant dedicated to crafting fresh, locally sourced meals with care and dignity.

A portion of every meal served at The Good Company goes directly towards supporting NOAH Project Detroit’s vital work, ensuring that we are not just feeding our patrons, but also nurturing the community that surrounds us