CONSUMED is MODA exhibition that invites viewers to consider the influence and impact of design on consumerism.

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ABOUT client
MODA, The Museum of Design Atlanta, is dedicated to supporting the study and appreciation of all things design. Their mission is to advance the understanding and appreciation of design. The brief was to create an exhibition space inspired by artists Alex Trochut, Lynn Yun, Lauren Hon, and John Contino. After researching and ideating, the exhibition was titled CONSUMED. This exhibition will introduce visitors to consider the impact design has on consumerism. CONSUMED will showcase the work of designers using and experimenting with design in their field that supports consumerism. These works range from digital spaces to clothing brands, music, and even food on a plate. The exhibition addresses the ethical issues we face as creatives and people in today's culture. CONSUMED exposes the culture of consumerism, the ethical issues creatives face, and the role of a conscious designer.