Ambitious Abbeville

Ambitious Abbeville is a place-based visual identity campaign that aims to encourage the residents of Abbeville, South Carolina to envision what their Square can become.

Research, Project Brief, Visual Identity System, Pitch Presentation, Brand Guide, Environmental Design, Campaign Collateral, User Experience

Brand Identity, Campaign Creation, Experience Design, Typography Design

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Abbeville's evolving downtown area is welcoming to visitors, businesses, and residents. It proudly displays its unique architecture and history, and desires to embody the essence of the town's motto as "Pretty. Near. Perfect.”

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Abbeville is steadfast in its dedication to realizing this vision, with a mission centered on empowering individuals, ensuring safety, and nurturing a strong sense of community for all its residents.

Ambitious Abbeville is a place-based identiy campaign aimed at inspiring the residents of Abbeville, South Carolina, to envision a future for the Square. The campaign focuses on increasing foot traffic in the area through a series of engaging interactions while promoting inclusivity and community. Designed to seamlessly integrate with the Square's existing environment, the visual identity system draws inspiration from the historic brick streets and unique architecture, paying homage to the town's rich history while encouraging dreams of a thriving downtown future.

In addition to creating a visual identity, the campaign includes a project brief and brand guidelines. This ensures that all aspects of the initiative align with the community's values and aspirations. The campaign aims not only to enhance the physical space but also to foster a sense of pride and connection among the residents of Abbeville. Through interactive events, community involvement, and preservation efforts, "Ambitious Abbeville" seeks to create a lasting impact on the Square and its surrounding community.